A análise de redes pode ser resumidamente definida como um conjunto de técnicas integradas que proporcionam a capacidade de estimar padrões complexos de relacionamentos de uma maneira mais simplificada através da utilização de grafos, permitindo descobrir características importantes dessa rede.

Existem diversas campos de estudo que podemos aplicar técnicas de análise de redes, onde podemos destacar aplicações relacionadas a análise de redes sociais (que mapeia relacionamentos entre indivíduos numa rede social, ou organizações), redes biológicas, redes de ligações, redes temporais, redes de rotas, entre outros.

Neste artigo, vamos estudar sobre análise de redes aplicada em redes de estradas, onde apresentaremos…

Em função da crescente demanda de novos veículos no Brasil e no mundo, realizar o reconhecimento de placas veiculares se tornou uma aplicação essencial a ser desenvolvida para a engenharia de tráfego. Seu principal objetivo é o de proporcionar o controle de acesso de carros em ambientes controlados, como estacionamentos, e verificar a localização de carros em situações irregulares ou furtados.

Neste artigo, vamos abordar uma solução para realizar o reconhecimento de placas veiculares brasileiras, levando em consideração tanto o modelo antigo como o modelo novo, através do uso de redes neurais convolucionais. …

In this article, we are going to develop a neural network to classify whether images contain either a dog or a cat using AlexNet architecture. We will use a dataset provided by Kaggle, which contains 25,000 images of dogs and cats.

The distribution of this dataset is shown in the Figure below, where the number 1 represents dogs and number 2 represents cats. From this data, we have 12,500 cats and 12,500 dogs.

According to FinancesOnline, DASH App is a data visualization software that transforms data from custom and standard objects into an interactive system of clickable charts that show real-time information. Perfect for creating custom dashboards, DASH App enables users to easily navigate, view, comprehend and compare numerical data and come to intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Thus, DASH App is a perfect tool for data science applications, making it easier to analyze data in differently. In this article, we are going to show you how to build a Dash App using Google Collab. Besides, we will use as a study case a dataset…

Hello there!

In this article, we are going to discuss the influence of some important techniques that are useful when training a neural network, such as hyperparameter tuning, batch normalization, and regularization. Besides, we will also perform a comparison between artificial and convolutional neural networks considering the development of a system that must recognize some basic hand gestures.

To perform this analysis, we will consider the simple SIGNS dataset, which has 1300 pictures of hand signs representing numbers from 0 to 5. An example of each possible class is shown in the figure below. …

In the previous article of the series, we talked about Neural Networks, giving an introduction of its structure, architecture, neurons, layers and so on. We also studied that it is necessary to have as much data as possible to train the neural network so that it will be able to generalize the data and achieve a high accuracy.

In this second part of this series, we will see how to divide this data into different datasets and the reason why we must do this. We will also introduce problemas related to underfitting and overfitting, and some robust techniques that are…

Have you ever heard about Neural Networks and thought that this particular subject is way too complicated and that there’s no way you can understand what they represent? If this applies to you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this first series of articles, I will explain the main idea of how Neural Networks works, without giving much mathematical detail. Besides, to give a better understanding, I will also show a study case from an interesting project that I’ve been working on.

What is a Neural Network?

Neural Networks (NN) are computing systems that were created vaguely inspired by biological neural networks that constitute…

Discovering patterns and gathering information related to a group at Whatsapp.

NNowadays, Social Media can be considered as the main source of communication between people. It is much easier to plan a trip, discuss a school project, work, or simply talk with anyone throughout a few commands on the cellphone. Furthermore, the main app currently used to communicate is Whatsapp, or, as some Brazilians say, the Zap.

When using Whatsapp, have you ever had the feeling that you are the only person that talks in a group, or that a particular subject is always the focus, or even wondered the…

Endangered species can be defined as a type of organism considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild. They may be at risk due to factors such as habitat loss, poaching and invasive species. However, these species mainly become extinct due to the action of humans.

According to GreenTumble, the main cause of species endangerment are related to overhunting and overhasting, which has been the fate of most large animals, slow animals and tasty animals when humans have migrated to a previously uninhabited area. For example, in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, farmers have…

Indicators give a perspective of how different Brazilian regions behaved throughout the pandemic.

Figure from FreePik.
Figure from FreePik.
Figure from FreePik.

The world is presently facing a coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in a high number of deaths in different countries. In the meantime, while vaccines are still being developed, the most effective way to protect yourself and others around you is by taking appropriate precautions and performing social distancing.

In Brazilian regions, governments took different actions to prevent spreading coronavirus, which severely affected the number of deaths. In this article, I will use indicators related to retail and recreating provided by Google Mobility Report to compare how…

Vitor dos Santos

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